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Carving and Striking Digital Space for the Afro-Future

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About WoodShed


The WoodShed Online Dance Platform provides an opportunity for interactive artistic engagement, training and performance opportunities.  Technique classes in  contemporary dance forms, improvisation, performance, cultural organizing, and dance composition are available.

Our Classes

Our classes are dynamic, unique. Come take class with some of the best instructors in the world. 


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Constitution of Knowledge

The WoodShed Online Dance Platform is a revolutionary experience that developed as a result of the COVID 19 pandemic  quarantine. The unfolding of The WoodShed Dance is a manifestation of love, gratitude, and healing for the human body as a  constitution of knowledge and knowing. The primary concept stems from a need to move, express, and live. As a  Black Woman, Mother, Wife, Dancer, Performer, Educator,  Choreographer, Mentor, and Scholar, I believe that movement experiences have the ability to shape the DNA, heal, and inspire beings. Dance is the connective tissue that binds the mind, body, spirit and soul to the universe. Dance is a universal language that transcends time, space, place and technology. The WoodShed Online Dance Platform is a space where people can carve and strike new ideas

Black Radical Tradition

The WoodShed Dance continues in the black radical tradition legacy of using creativity for survival and building sacred and safe spaces for us to be in motion, and critically thinking about collective freedom, resistance, the fluidity of blackness, joy within the dancing body. The importance of The WoodShed Dance is to intentionally create a space to gather, organize, support and provide unlimited possibilities for the Afro-future.

Thank you for joining us, WELCOME.


Global Impact

As a dancer, performer, choreographer and artist, I constantly find myself formulating different strategies to continue pushing the arts forward. The creation of The WoodShed Online Dance Platform has been a significant milestone in the display of this vision.  It was created with the main goal of providing access to dance training, while supporting artists financially. Having lived in other countries where there’s limited access to the arts, I know how exasperate it can be not to have any resources for self-artistic development. My aspiration for The WoodShed Dance, is to have a digital space where artists all across the globe can have access to as a resource for training, exchanging ideas, and sharing their artistic vision and creative strategies.