JULY 1ST - JULY 22ND, 2020

The WoodShed Online Dance Platform would like to invite students, individual artists, teachers, and organizers  to join us for our first online summer dance intensive, The WoodShed Dance Unrest & Survival Summer Intensive. This summer intensive, dives deeply into the visceral and organic synergy (power, energy, dynamics and technology)  of dance as a “movement” practice within sustainability as well as a foundation for collective liberation, healing, expression, community building, and communication - being in motion toward individual and collective liberation. During this three-week program, we will explore, discover and rediscover the endless possibilities of creativity through the embodied vernacular of dance. We will experience new ways of connecting and engaging with each other. Our aim is to share resources, skills and practices for survival and resilience within this new normal of reflection, unrest and uncertainty.


Community Fundraiser: Full Scholarships for 50 Black Dancers across the Globe!

Three black women started WoodShed because we understood the medical apartheid, also known as COVID would impact black and brown people, working class and cash-poor people across the country. We will not give a long paragraph of why black lives matters, this is our experiences everyday. 

Instead we will continue to unapologetically do what we do best, carve, create space for, and support black artists, and we need you help. 

Founders of Woodshed dance has put their money together to offer 10 free scholarships to black dancers, due to the overwhelming requests, we need your support to an additional 40 scholarships. We believe through small donations, we can raise enough money to offer 50 scholarships to black dancers from across the globe. 

CASHAPP: $Unrestandsurvival to donate 

This summer intensive dancers will be able to dance with incredible faculty and cultural keepers learning resistance dances, to how to lighting for social media! 

For black dancers: to apply follow us on Instagram @thewoodshed_onlinedance or follow us on Facebook. There is no application process, serious inquiries only.




Call for Partnership rooted in anti-blackness

Before the COVID-19 pandemic, art was already in danger since “normal” is a crisis. Artists could already speak to the many challenges they face in regards to equity, access, race, health and wellness, livable and sustainable wages. We have launched this summer intensive to gather together, share resources and rigorously create avenues that collectively generate new pathways going beyond survival.

The WoodShed Dance: Unrest & Survival Summer Intensive, is inviting institutions to partner with us to meet artists needs in sustainable ways to reimagine funding and resources. We are now encouraging funders and institutions to join us, as we build a sustainable art ecosystem.

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